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SpiderTech: Kinesio Taping

Kinesio Tape (KT) has been a revolutionary step in the rehabilitation process for high performance athletes globally. While considered a relatively new product and treatment by many in the medical field, therapists around the world are using KT to assist people ranging from the recovery phase, up through the strengthening/conditioning phase of their rehabilitation.

While many chiropractors focus purely on joint mobility, our practice is also very focused on the bigger picture: overall function of a specific complex. Because of this, our office incorporates a multitude of exercise protocols alongside with spinal manipulation. Frequently, a well-rounded mix of chiropractic, physical therapy, manual therapy, and exercise is not only the best, but the most effective form of treatment for musculoskeletal ailments. Therefore, our practice philosophy is to address as many of these facets as possible. KT is merely another tool in our toolbox to aid in your recovery, and your road back to optimal function.
To learn more about the SpiderTech company, and KT in general, please visit their company website by clicking on the logo to the left.
If you are interested in KT, or have a specific condition that you believe would benefit from KT, please ask one of our doctors about efficacy.

Dr. Jason offers KT sessions, and is a certified KT specialist. The price runs $25 per session, is not covered by health insurances, and is considered an out-of-pocket service. Often times, Dr. Jason will perform the first taping, and then instruct the patient how to tape himself/herself in the future, and where you may purchase taping supplies locally.